Jewish Moneylending in Medieval Eger (Cheb)

May 31, 2022

5 pm CET

virtual seminar –

All welcome to our next session in 2022 with our distinguished guest Kajetán Holeček (Charles University, Prague).
Jews and Christians in Eger (Cheb) were deeply involved in moneylending in the city. A very important source for research of this topic in Eger are the books of obligations covering the period 1387-1496. The broad range of these books enables a comparative study of the development of Jewish and Christian moneylending. I will analyze the phenomenon of Jewish moneylending in a medieval city based on records from the early 15th century.
The seminar will be held in virtual form only (at
Modern Jewish History Seminar in Prague is organized by the Masaryk Institute and the Institute of Contemporary History (both parts of the Czech Academy of Sciences) and the Prague Center for Jewish Studies at the Charles University.

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